"Providing Practical Solutions to Your Safety Issues" 
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About KA Engineering Inc.

KA Engineering was founded in 2005 to focus on developing practical solutions and consulting services to help resolve the growing need for workplace safety solutions and compliance with government standards and legislation.

KA Engineering has worked with industrial and service sectors in Ontario and worldwide. With over 22 years of combined experience, KA Engineering Inc. will provide you with the skills and knowledge to assist you in implementing the processes and procedures needed to ensure the safety of your employees, processes and equipment.

We provide manufacturing and service organizations comprehensive safety assessments and consulting services focusing on the priorities that will make a difference in your operational performance while ensuring a safe work environment. Our expertise, experience, and unbiased perspective provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to ensure their company's peak performance while maintaining operational safety.

Having the right strategies, tools, processes and procedures in place is vital to growing and maintaining a successful workplace environment. We take a 360 degree look at your business to isolate areas of safety concerns and then we help you create and implement the tactics to address those areas.

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