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KA Engineering Inc. is licensed to practice professional engineering in the Province of Ontario by Professional Engineers Ontario.

Insurance Coverage

We carry:
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Coverage

KA Engineering Inc.

KA Engineering Inc. is a dedicated team of business-minded professional engineers providing health and safety engineering services to Industry and the Commercial sector. Our focus is to assist our clients by developing practical and cost-effective solutions to workplace safety while ensuring compliance with current Ministry of Labour legislation and the OHSA act of Ontario.

Serious injuries can come at a high cost to any business. Managing the risk potential can reduce the cost related to compensation and treatment of the injured, fines, downtime during investigations, re-training of replacement workers and reputation.

At KAE we will develop safety measures that minimize risk and achieve long-term health and safety improvements specific to your needs and requirements.

We have worked with a broad range of businesses including Mining, Automotive, Food Services and Chemical Processing. Our diversified knowledge gives us the ability and experience to bring your business into compliance in a practical and cost effective manner. We work with progressive up-to-date technologies and existing and developing standards and legislation. We can help save you money by reducing 'over-engineering' of safety into your equipment and reducing the cost of retrofits and downtime caused by retrofits.

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